Too many adventures passed, time to capture the present.

I said I would start a blog shortly after my daughter was born.  She’s almost 9.  I’ve missed out on spontaneously writing the stories of living in two states (Oregon and Colorado), living in two countries (China and Thailand), the birth of my son (now 5) and nine years of happenings during my daughters life. I have resisted blogging with excuse-laden fear that I wouldn’t say things correctly, that I’m not a real writer, and with an ominous fear of not following through with frequent posts.   The unpredictable stream of events that have taken place over the past year have nudged me to do things that I wouldn’t typically do and to dig deep for strength that I had forgotten I had. And so it begins….I will give writing a go in an effort to help extract the daily moments where I have so very much to be thankful for, or at least a plate of junk to laugh about.

My thankful image today was a surprise left by my daughter.  Living in Thailand, we eat a lot of ice cream.  I mean a lot, a lot.  My children eat at least one ice cream, or at minimum a popsicle, every day.  This isn’t something that I am proud of, but it is the reality of living in one of the hottest places on the planet, and working at a school that conveniently sells ice cream in their cafeteria for all of 25 cents.  That is unless you splurge for a soft serve cone, a special treat that will run you close to a dollar.  Today, when returning to my classroom after dismissing my students to recess, I noticed a note on my desk.  “I love you Mom” was written neatly below the words “for you” with an arrow pointing to a cup.  Inside the cup, leaning forward and creating symmetrical drippings of chocolate, was an ice cream cone.  She went big, it was a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone…or at least what was left of one.  The majority of it sat puddled on my desk, and the remainder I quickly consumed.  A true act of love from my daughter, and for at least today I managed to have only half an ice cream.


3 thoughts on “Too many adventures passed, time to capture the present.

  1. Such a sweet moment from a loving daughter! You’ll be glad you have this written down when she’s older. 😄 We all feel that way about writing, but the important thing is that you’re writing now! Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge!! You’ll love it!

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